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From the creators of ICAS, we bring you Reach Assessments From the creators of ICAS, we bring you Reach Assessments Discover Reach Smart data, rich insights.

World class school assessments and academic competitions driving student success

At ICAS Assessments, we exist to make kids more successful at school.

As a global leader in educational assessments and academic competitions, our team is dedicated to equipping teachers and parents with powerful insights to improve learning and reward academic excellence.

For over 40 years our team of expert educators have been developing assessments that are engaging, insightful and easy to administer.

We are proud to be part of Janison, a global education technology pioneer. Together we are transforming education, combining the gold standard of assessment content with a world leading platform.

Leaders in Assessment
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Our Products

Introducing the ICAS Assessments suite – a set of tools designed to take the guesswork out of teaching.

Assessments designed to recognise and reward academic excellence. Every year over a million students participate in ICAS around the world.
Annual progression assessments which provide an external, objective benchmark of learner progress.
Designed to determine class composition and placement within a cohort for middle year students.

Prepare your child or students for ICAS

Give your child or students the opportunity to practise and prepare before exam day with our past papers.
Get your child or student familiar with how to use our test player with sample questions.
Check that your device is compatible with our Assessments Portal.
Practice Online is coming soon. We are working on a new Practice Online Product. Online assessment practice is one of the best ways to become familiar with the style and format of ICAS questions.
Order or purchase products and services including Reach Assessments, ICAS Assessments and Scout Assessments.
Review the information on this page to check if you meet all the technical requirements to attempt an assessment online.

Real World Partnerships

What Do They Say About Us?

“With the last ICAS done today I am pleased to say it all went off without a hitch! Thanks heaps for all your help … look forward to doing this all again next year”

_K. Lane,

Head of Curriculum - Upper Years - Springfield Central State School
"ICAS was a very rewarding experience for our students. The process of payment, registration and students participating in the online test went very smoothly. I'd highly recommend this extra curriculum activity to all schools"

_A. Meoli,

ICAS Coordinator - St Patrick's Primary School, Guildford
“ICAS has been a dream ride for us this year. We had fantastic communication from the NZ ICAS consultant right from the start. We enrolled the children with ease, and printed their one-time codes for use later on. Connecting to the competition on the day was effortless. The children found the whole experience intellectually challenging, rewarding and stress-free. It was fantastic to see the online results come back within a week or so of the competition. The end result has been a rich and rewarding competition for our students. Parents love the feedback, and the opportunity for children to be rewarded for academic talent is priceless. Congratulations to ICAS Assessments on a beautifully written competition, which has always been of the very highest standard. It has brought another ray of sunshine to our school year”

_B. Reid,

Matua School ICAS Co-ordinator - Tauranga, New Zealand
“Congratulations on such a fast turn around and very useful report analysis. Being a school co-ordinator, I was very impressed with the level of detail and data breakdown in the comprehensive and year group reports. Thank you ICAS Assessments.”

_M. Gindy,

Leader of Diverse Learning - Regents Park Christian School NSW
ICAS Science provides valuable data that identifies areas of growth and development in science knowledge and skills. The style of questions also encourages critical thinking. For the teachers: Identify areas for improvement, as well as areas of growth. For the students: practice at completing a set of questions under exam conditions, practice answering multiple choice questions, a chance to challenge themselves, an opportunity to think critically and apply information from outside their specialty. Online results portal is very easy to use, and is filterable which makes your search even quicker. Data from previous years is stored there too so it makes comparisons from year to year very quick and easy.

_C. Spiteri,

Head of Science - Avila College

Upcoming Events

Our Support Material

Series of support documents for our Assessments products designed to give assistance to school’s coordinators.
All the necessary tools to support coordinators in ICAS Assessment programs.
Step by step guide and documents to assist coordinators in Reach Assessments.
Administration instructions and sample materials to support Scout coordinators

Our Services

Educational and advisory services including training, research, data collection and analysis.

We equip educators with insights and thought leadership that count towards teacher accreditation.
We conduct research into educational measurement and assessment issues for government and non-government organisations.
We have over 30 years' experience in data collection, analysis and reporting, as well as the design and scanning of exam forms and surveys.

Real World Advise

Meet Our Schools Advisory Board

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Our Blog

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Express your interest to keep up to date with ICAS Assessments news, events and offers.

Important Notice To Schools And Parents: Change Of Ownership From 1st June 2020

ICAS Assessments has recently been acquired by Janison Solutions Pty Ltd ABN: 35 081 897 494. Janison is a leading provider of online assessments and has been powering ICAS online assessment products, including ICAS, since 2018. As a result of the change of ownership, the bank details have changed and you will now receive an invoice from Janison Solutions when you order. We’re still the same team committed to delivering high quality assessments for our school and parent customers.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service team on Toll Free: 1800 931 775 (Australia) and 0800 440 904 (New Zealand) or via email at [email protected]

Our Quality Assurance

Owned by Janison Solutions, ICAS Assessments is recognised nationally and internationally as a leading specialist in school assessments. We are best known for the creation of ICAS.

Million +
Students per year
Participating schools
Years in operation

ICAS Assessments operates a Quality Management System for the development, distribution, marking, analysis and reporting of educational measurement and assessment services.


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