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1. Getting Started

Download our Quick Reference Guide to get started!



ICAS Dates and Prices

Here is where you’ll find key dates and prices for Reach

ICAS Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for ICAS can be found here. Last updated:29th October 2021

Accessibility Options Enquiry Form

This enquiry form is available to all schools to fill in if they require Accessibility Options for their school.

ICAS Quick Reference Guide

This checklist provides a step-by-step guide and is essential to make sure you are prepared to sit reach on test day

Technical Requirements

This link is used to make sure your device is ready and able to sit ICAS Assessments

ICAS User Guide

This document is a must have and provides a detailed outline of every step for sitting ICAS Assessments

ICAS Parent Payment System*

How to sign-up your school
*Available for Australian and New Zealand schools only

Frequently Asked Questions

A school code and password were issued to your school when it initially registered with ICAS Assessments. The teacher at your school who coordinated ICAS in previous years may know the details. Alternatively, contact us.

It is possible your school’s firewall is blocking access to the Shop. Please contact your school’s IT department for assistance. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us.

For support and templates, please go to the REACH support page.
The support link will also be available from the Assessments Portal this year for easier access.

2. Communicate

Read section 2 of the ICAS Quick Reference Guide


Parent Letter and Permission Form

This document provides templates for schools to use to send to parents / guardians which includes a permission form and privacy collection statement.

ICAS Promotional Content

Spread the word about ICAS to your school community. Access a parent flyer and content for your schools social media and website.

Parent Instructions for Locked-Down Browser

Request to install locked-down browser on a BYOD student device. *only required for Spelling and Writing subjects.

Terms and Conditions - for Parents and Guardians

Also suitable for schools buying past papers. Last updated 3 Nov 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have standard templates that your school can adapt to suit your needs. Please visit the Reach support page here.

Here is the information about ICAS Assessments privacy policy.

3. Prepare for Testing

Read section 3 of the ICAS Quick Reference Guide

For Students

This link will take you to the Locked-Down browser support page with information and guides on how to set up a Locked-down browser using Janison Replay.

For devices

Check student devices are test ready. Includes links to the mandatory technical readiness test and to the locked-down browser installation instructions (Spelling Bee and Writing only).


School Coordinator Dashboard

Invite New Staff

Import Students

Allocate Test Licences to Students

Print Student Logins

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have already uploaded your student data without classes, you will need to reupload the spreadsheet with the class field populated. You can only add a class to existing individual student records if the class already exists in the Assessments Portal.

REACH Spelling and REACH Writing both require the LDB application, Replay. Only one download of Replay per device is necessary.

4. Sit the Test

Read section 4 of the ICAS Quick Reference Guide
Instructions will be available at least 2 weeks before each subject’s test sitting period.


Supervise a Live Test


Test Supervision Instructions

This document contains a script on what to say to students and how to administer the assessment on test day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. On the day of the ICAS test, the supervising teacher needs to log in to create and start the test session.

Yes. There are test supervision instructions (PDFs) for each subject for ICAS assessments. They can be found on the REACH Support Page or can be accessed from the Assessments Portal dashboard.

5. Review the Results

Read section 5 of the ICAS Quick Reference Guide

School staff, students and parents may access the results online in the Results and Reports Portal.


ICAS School Results Online Quick Guide

This quick guide provides teachers and school coordsiantors with helpful tips on accessing results for their students

ICAS Parent/Student Guide: How to access online reports

This guide provides an overview for parents in order to access their child’s results

Frequently Asked Questions

The results for all tests are available in the Results Portal. Access to the Portal can be done in the following ways:

  1. Go to the Results Portal and log in using your school’s 8-digit school code and password.

  2. Go to theAssessments Portal and click on Results on the dashboard or on the Results icon in the navigation bar and follow the link. You will be taken directly to the Results Portal through a single-sign-on process.

It is up to your school whether you choose to print the Reach student certificates. The certificates are available for printing by the school or the individual student in the Results Portal.

Students can access their results from student Results Portal. The Reach student handout provides a student with their personal login details for the Results Portal. The school can print the handouts from the Result and Reports Portal and distribute to the students.

Need Further Support?

Our friendly customer service team are ready to assist you with your queries. Call us on:

Australian Toll-Free Tel:
1800 931 775
New Zealand Toll-Free Tel:
0800 440 904

Schools outside of Australia and New Zealand: Contact your local representative