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We believe in the academic potential of every student. As leaders in educational assessment, we bring a wealth of experience and support to enable parents and teachers to find the key to unlocking real change in the classroom.

Over the last four decades we’ve partnered with 16,000 schools in 41 countries to inspire, celebrate and challenge over 10 million students through our ICAS academic competitions and Reach progression assessments.

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Designed to recognise and reward academic excellence. Every year over a million students participate.

Annual progression assessments which provide an external, objective benchmark of learner progress.

Past papers that include real ICAS questions and answers. The most authentic way for your child to practise.

ICASA Assessments supported by USYD

Two education leaders making an impact on academic assessment

Supported by the University of Sydney, we’re pleased to offer NSW schools in low socioeconomic, rural and regional communities the chance to take part in a free program designed to provide teachers with data-led insights to unlock every student’s potential and drive improvements in learning outcomes.

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Leaders in international school competitions and educational assessments

We’ve been providing school competitions and academic assessments for over four decades, helping schools understand their stud­ents’ needs and encouraging them to fulfil their potential.

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How ICAS helped this student change the world

There are so many “naughty” students out there that who are bursting with talent. They just need the right opportunities.

Adam Ritchie (middle) was one such student. He was constantly in trouble for “rough and tumble” and failing to put in any effort, until he took ICAS Science and got a perfect 100% score.

When he left school, he did something even more incredible: he made the world a safer place for everyone.

adam ritchie and team
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