ICAS FAQs for parents and children


Please check the system status updates page to see if the shop is up and running. If it is, please try accessing the shop again.

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The Janison Privacy Policy can be found at the footer of the ICAS Assessments website, or here.

The Parent Payment System (PPS) is our easy to use system that allows you to make direct payments for your child’s ICAS assessments. To use this system, your school will need to sign up for PPS and share the system registration details with you. Find more information on the PPS here.

Your child's school will send you a unique access code and instructions on how they can sit ICAS tests using the Parent Payment System. It is at the school's discretion to offer all or some ICAS subjects and year levels.
The closing date for parents to purchase via PPS is at the discretion of the school. However, the "close parent ordering" date listed on the assessments calendar page is the last possible date to order through the system.

Janison Solutions Pty Limited is required to be registered and to collect NZ GST from NZ resident consumers. Please refer to the below links for more information on our GST requirements.

Supplying remote services into New Zealand

GST on remove services

For your reference, Janison Solutions Pty Limited’s New Zealand GST number is 133-788-735.

You can find an in depth comparison of ICAS vs Reach in our blog here.

We run alternate testing centres for children that would like to sit ICAS with our Janison Exam Management team. Click here for more information.

We run alternate testing centres for children that would like to sit ICAS with our Janison Exam Management team. Click here for more information.

Yes, your child is allowed to sit at a higher level than the year they are currently enrolled. Please note that reports/certificates will appear on the higher year level selected.

Please contact our customer service team:

1800 931 775 (Australia toll-free)
0800 440 904 (New Zealand toll-free)
+61 2 5565 2217 (International)

Email: [email protected]

If your child is sitting ICAS at school, the school will run everything from here, including sending home your child's results once received by post. You will be able to view released results both from the back of your child's printed ICAS certificate and in the Student results portal (results portal login details are located on the back of any current or previous year's ICAS certificate). 

Setting up

Please contact our customer service team:

1800 931 775 (Australia toll-free)
0800 440 904 (New Zealand toll-free)
+61 2 5565 2217 (International)

Email: [email protected]

Or submit your enquiry here

The locked-down browser app (called Janison Replay) is designed to prevent your child from accessing other applications such as web pages, cameras, spell checks, screenshotting, keyword shortcuts, and other features during the live assessment. For more information, check out our locked-down browser page.

Spelling Bee and Writing require the locked-down browser application.

This is an online test (similar to internet speed tests) that assesses whether your devices meet the necessary technical requirements. You can find more information on our technical requirements page.
Please reach out to your child's teacher to amend the details.
Please follow the Technical Readiness Test to ensure your child's device is ready for ICAS.
Students need headphones and/or earphones to complete Spelling Bee.

The supervising teacher will provide extra exam time to children that experience issues on test day.

You can visit our ICAS practice tools page for information on how to prepare. This page includes past papers, more information on our exam practice tool RiSE+, and support videos to give your child an idea of what it feels like to sit an ICAS test.

You can learn the different type of question types in ICAS in this video.

Sitting the test

Please visit to access the assessments portal. When using an iPad to access the locked-down browser, please visit

Every child is provided with their own unique one-time code to access their test. This is combined with a unique test session code that is created by the teacher on the day of the test. Children can only access the test once the teacher has started the test session, and the teacher monitors them during the assessment using the Supervise Live Test feature in the Assessments Portal.

Unfortunately, your child can only complete ICAS in the specific sitting window for their subject, unless advised otherwise.

To learn about the support available to you, please complete the Accessibility Options Request form. A customer service representative will contact you directly.
Award boundaries for tests are only approximate, so distribution of students by percentage may not precisely match with the available scores. For example, a maths test with 40 questions might have 0.8% of students with a score of 35 or higher, and 2% of students at a score of 34 or higher. In this case that would cover the top 1% of students would be 34.
The length of ICAS exams changes depending on children's year level and subject they are sitting. The exact duration of the exams can be found on the Test Supervision Instructions on the ICAS support page.
Unfortunately, we do not offer an alternative sitting windows at this point.
Yes, Chromebooks must be running as Managed Devices in Kiosk mode, which allows the locked-down browser application to run correctly. Your child's teacher can help them to get everything set up and ready.

Please contact our customer service team:

1800 931 775 (Australia toll-free)
0800 440 904 (New Zealand toll-free)
+61 2 5565 2217 (International)

Email: [email protected]

If your child needs to stop the exam, their teacher will postpone the test. When they return, they will be able to use the same one time code and complete the test on another day.
Unfortunately not, ICAS exams needs to be sat at your child's registered school.

Working out paper is approved for use following the rules of the assessment, but this is ultimately up to the supervising teacher.

Your child is allowed blank paper, and pencils / pens for working out. They are not allowed dictionaries, mobile phones, or any other electronic devices.

Accessing the results

You can access your child's results online via our Results portal using your TAP-ID and PIN approximately 15 business days after the final sitting day of each ICAS subject. You can also follow the ICAS parents/students guide which provides a detailed explanation on how to view results.

Results are released to schools approximately 8 to 10 business days after the final sitting day of each ICAS subject. Results are then available to parents and students approximately 5 business days after schools receive them. Certificates are sent to your child's school approximately 4 weeks after the final sitting day for each subject (except Writing which is 7-9 weeks). Your school will distribute them to you at their discretion.

Yes, you will receive an email to advise that your child's results are ready to view online. Your child's school will also notify you when your certificate is available.

Yes, we mail printed certificates to your school for all children who sit ICAS.
The criteria for winning a medal is based on the top score in the locale, the top score for each year level, and the top score for each subject. For more information please contact your school or our Customer Service team.

Please contact our customer service team:

1800 931 775 (Australia toll-free)
0800 440 904 (New Zealand toll-free)
+61 2 5565 2217 (International)

Email: [email protected]

Your child’s TAP-ID and PIN are on the back of their hardcopy certificate and will be the same as previous years’ certificates. If you have misplaced a certificate or are waiting for a certificate to be given to you, you can fill out this request form. Please note, there is a wait time of 1-3 business days to receive your TAP-ID and PIN through this method. TAP-ID and PIN will be issued once the online reports for that subject are published each school year.

Please contact our customer service team:

1800 931 775 (Australia toll-free)
0800 440 904 (New Zealand toll-free)
+61 2 5565 2217 (International)

Email: [email protected]

Unfortunately, we do not provide access to the questions for our assessments. You are able to find a detail overview of the questions for each subject in the results portal.

You can find our refund policy here.

We send surveys to both schools and parents after each event. If you would like to provide feedback, these surveys are the best way to do so. Alternatively, please call or email our customer service team.

Please see the table below for the awards bands for an ICAS test.

ICAS awardsPercentile categories for awards
High DistinctionThe top 1% of participants
DistinctionThe next 10% of participants
CreditThe next 25% of participants
MeritThe next 10% of participants
ParticipationAll remaining participants


For Australian schools:

  • ICAS certificate reprint, admin fee and shipping costs - $40 (excluding GST)

For international schools:

  • ICAS certificate reprint including shipping costs for  schools- $50 (excluding GST)

To get an ICAS certificate reissued please contact customer service here.

The cost to get an ICAS medal reissued is $200 (excluding GST) + courier fee.

To get an ICAS medal reissued please contact customer service here.

Need further support?
Our customer service team is ready to assist you with your queries.
Schools outside of Australia and New Zealand: Please contact your local representative.