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Who we are

ICAS Assessments is a team of dedicated educational assessment professionals committed to applying their expertise to help students, teachers and parents. Our staff hail from every continent on Earth (aside from Antarctica) and bring with them a wealth of experience of schools, education systems, research and ICAS Assessments logistics. We are proud to be a part of Janison, a global education technology pioneer. Together we are transforming education.

What we do

ICAS Assessments has over 40 years of experience developing assessments for schools, governments and businesses. We combine a flair for engaging content with a commitment to high standards and rigorous processes. We provide advice and research to a wide range of organisations and actively seek to improve understanding of assessment issues. We are dedicated to equipping teachers and parents with powerful insights to improve learning and reward academic excellence.

Where can you sit ICAS?

ICAS can be sat at your school, at approved ICAS testing centres and through our resellers. Please contact our customer service team for more information.