ICAS practice tools

Give your child the best chance of success for ICAS

Our preparation tools allow your child to practise for ICAS in the most authentic way possible.

You can choose from past papers that contain genuine ICAS questions and answers, online practice tests on the RiSE+ platform, and short sample tests. All are developed by the same team of experts behind the ICAS assessments.

Tool #1: Past papers

ICAS past papers are downloadable PDFs that contain former ICAS question and answer sheets, giving your child first-hand experience of the assessment.

They are the broken down by subject and are available for a broad range of year levels.

  • Get your child familiar with the language, style and difficulty of ICAS questions
  • Pinpoint knowledge gaps or skills to practise
  • Check responses against the answer keys provided, with new “skill descriptors” for 2018 papers to identify exact skills tested for each question

Tool #2: RiSE+ practice tests

RiSE+ is an exam practice test platform that includes ICAS-specific tests for your child.

It’s developed by the same team behind ICAS and runs on the exact same platform, making it the most realistic ICAS exam preparation tool to help your child become familiar with the competition. There are instant results, actionable reports, personalised insights into your child’s strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities, unlimited re-sits and more.

There are ICAS practice tests available for Years 2 to 7 for Maths, English and General Abilities.

Tool #3: Sample tests

Get a quick taste of ICAS and Reach with our short sample tests. You and your child (or student) will be able to see what the platform looks like, test the functionality, and become comfortable with the environment before sitting the real thing.

To figure out which paper your child should sit, see our exam papers by year level table.

Take a sneak peek at the ICAS test player

See how the ICAS test environment looks and behaves in our tutorial on how to take the test.

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