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Reach benchmarking assessment

From the creators of ICAS, Reach is a suite of annual online benchmarking assessments for Year 2 to Year 10 students. It gives you accurate, objective data on your students’ progression year on year, allowing you to tailor your teaching and help them fulfil their learning potential.

Reach covers seven literacy and STEM subjects. Its questions are created by seasoned teachers, psychometricians and test developers, drawing on decades of rigour and expertise.

Reach assessments are run simultaneously across Australia, New Zealand and other countries across the world, with unique test dates for each subject across two flexible windows.

Accurate benchmarking assessments with clear, actionable data

Get rich data on your students’ strengths and weaknesses, and improve lesson planning and programming, and class allocations.

Assess single classes, groups or entire year levels easily, across key curriculum subjects.

Access a clear, usable reporting dashboard on student performance to help determine the best actions.

Engage students with curriculum-aligned, scenario-based questions to test a variety of higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

Get direct support from our assessment consultants, including how to interpret data and act on results.

About Reach

Reach test subjects


Reach encompasses seven literacy and STEM subjects, from English to Digital Technologies.

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Reach exam dates and calendar


Check out the upcoming test dates for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific and international.

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Reach assessments pricing


Reach subjects are priced individually so you can pick and choose what works for you.

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Year levels

Find out which subjects and exam papers are available for each year level.

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Resources and support for Reach assessments


Access resources for schools, teachers, students and parents to get the most from Reach.

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The differences between Reach and ICAS exams

How are Reach and ICAS different?

Reach is an annual benchmarking assessment and ICAS is a competition.

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“Reach is a great assessment that provides a wide range of questions across all scientific skills. The questions can be accessed by all students, thereby increasing the confidence in student ability while providing a small range of very challenging questions for the highly gifted. The assessment data available with Reach results allow my teachers to reflect on their teaching practice and make modifications. This provides students greater depth in learning the science concepts while reducing teacher load in writing assessment items. Science Reach is therefore incorporated as a compulsory assessment for Year 7 to 10 at Normanhurst Boys High”
Sohini Bhave, Head of Science, Normanhurst Boys High School
Reach is now open.
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