ICAS Assessments
3. Prepare for Testing

Read section 3 of the ICAS Quick Reference Guide

For teachers

Teacher Training Presentation

Share this with colleagues who will be supervising the tests.

For devices

Technical Requirements

Check student devices are test ready. Includes links to the mandatory technical readiness test and to the locked-down browser installation instructions (Spelling Bee and Writing only).

For Students

Practice Question Types

This is a "Practice Interaction Test" which is designed to help students practice question types, such as multiple choice, order interaction, drag and drop, that may appear in an ICAS test. The questions in this practice test do not appear in the real ICAS tests and are not marked.

School Coordinator Dashboard

Invite New Staff

Import Students

Allocate Test Licences to Students

Print Student Logins

Australian and New Zealand schools using the ICAS Parent Payment System: You do not need to complete the steps “student import” and “allocate test licences” as these are completed automatically for you by the system.

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4. Sit the Test

Read section 4 of the ICAS Quick Reference Guide
Instructions will be available at least 2 weeks before each subject’s test sitting period.


Supervise a Live Test

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5. Review Results

Read section 5 of the ICAS Quick Reference Guide

School staff, students and parents may access the results online in the Results and Reports Portal.

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Need Further Support?

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Australian Toll-Free Tel: 1800 931 775

New Zealand Toll-Free Tel: 0800 440 904

Schools outside of Australia and New Zealand: Contact your local representative