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Table: ICAS sitting windows per subject.

Digital Technologies7 Aug – 11 Aug 2023
Writing7 Aug – 11 Aug 2023
English14 Aug – 18 Aug 2023
Science21 Aug – 25 Aug 2023
Spelling Bee21 Aug – 25 Aug 2023
Mathematics28 Aug – 1 Sept 2023

Table 2: Dates to purchase ICAS via the online shop and the Parent Payment System (PPS). The PPS is for Australian and New Zealand schools and parents/guardians only.

 Shop opens                                       Parent Payment System (PPS)Shop closes for school purchases
Open School Sign-Up & Parent OrderingClose School Sign-Up to PPSClose Parent Ordering*
All subjects

Late October 2022



17 October 2022


17 July 2023


31 July 2023


31 July 2023

*The closing date for parents to purchase via the PPS is at the discretion of the school. The date listed above is the last possible date the PPS can remain open for parents.

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Your school can sit any of the subjects below during the sitting window at a time that works for you.

SubjectSitting windows
Digital Technologies

6 February – 6 April 2023


17 April – 23 June 2023

Grammar & Punctuation
Writing29 May – 9 June 2023

Table 2: Dates that Reach is available to purchase from the shop.

 Dates available for purchase from the shop
All Reach subjects* except Writing17 October 2022 – 9 June 2023
Writing17 October 2022 – 22 May 2023

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