ICAS student celebration

Let’s celebrate the fantastic achievements of every ICAS participant!

ICAS is a challenging academic competition where students are pushed to their limits with tough higher-order thinking questions.

It’s designed to get the very best out of students and help them (and their parents and teachers) discover their potential. The competition is far from easy, so taking it requires courage, buckets of hard work, and a tonne of perseverance.

Regardless of their ICAS scores, these highly desirable qualities deserve to be recognised and celebrated for every student!

Some of our proud ICAS participants

ICAS is completed by tens of thousands of students every year. Here are a few of our students proudly displaying their certificates and medals.

Why it’s important to celebrate participation in ICAS

As an extra-curricular test, ICAS is optional for many schools and students. Those who choose to participate are embarking on a difficult (but fun!) series of exams that test their higher-order thinking skills – skills less commonly used during their regular schooling, but crucial for their future success in the workplace.

Celebrating their participation is important because ICAS is:


ICAS questions are tough and really get students’ brains working, preparing them for their futures.


ICAS is competition which motivates students to do well and achieve great things – like medals!


While challenging, the style of questions in ICAS are fun, real-world examples that students enjoy.

#ICAS2023 social media competition

In the close of 2023, we invited parents to share their childrens’ ICAS achievements and what they enjoyed most about the competition, with the chance to win a $100 VISA gift voucher.

We received oodles of heartwarming entries on Facebook and Instagram, and compiled the 20 winners into this video.

We hope you enjoy watching!

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