RiSE+ ICAS-style online practice tests

RiSE ICAS-style online practice tests

Authentic ICAS-style practice from the creators of the competition

RiSE+ ICAS-style online practice tests are created by the same assessment writers who write the competition questions every year.

These interactive online practice tests are delivered on the same platform as ICAS, helping your child become familiar with the test-day experience and preparing them for the competition.

Help your child prepare for ICAS – Years 2 to 7

RiSE+ ICAS-style online practice tests are specifically designed to help your child prepare for competition day. They’re available for Australian students from Years 2 to 7.

Receive immediate, actionable results along with your child’s strengths and weaknesses, so they know where to improve.

Have your child practise interactive online questions like drag & drops, text entries and more that reflect the ICAS-style.

Get your child familiar with the ICAS environment, which is hosted on the exact same assessment platform.

Encourage your child to re-sit the tests as many times as they need, to refine their practice for test day.

Engaging, interactive questions on the same platform as ICAS

ICAS-style online practice tests for Maths & English

These practice tests are available for the two key foundational subjects, helping to sharpen your child’s ICAS preparation for these subjects, and giving them experience of the test platform for all others.

The English practice tests are designed to assess the following learning areas, which reflect those in ICAS English:

  • Text Comprehension
  • Writer’s Craft
  • Syntax
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling

These tests focus on the key learning areas for ICAS Mathematics, allowing your child to hone their numeracy skills:

  • Number & Arithmetic
  • Algebra & Patterns
  • Measures & Units
  • Space & Geometry
  • Chance & Data
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Frequently asked questions

For more FAQs, please visit the RiSE+ help centre.

As many times as they want! We offer unlimited re-sits for every test.

RiSE+ ICAS-style practice tests are based online using the same test environment as ICAS itself, which helps your child become familiar with it. By contrast, past papers are downloadable PDF documents made up of questions and answer sheets.


The same assessment frameworks are used for the questions in both RiSE+ ICAS-style practice tests and ICAS past papers, so both will help your child prepare for the competition.

RiSE+ offers two Science ICAS past papers practice tests as part of the Year 2 ICAS practice pack. We are working on making Science available for other year levels in the future. We also offer one General Abilities test in both the Standard and Premium subscriptions. View our products and pricing here.

RiSE+ is a subscription service where you can select a single subject subscription such as English or Maths or you can select a subscription that includes all subjects offered. For more details on the subscription options and pricing, view our detailed pricing page. You will find all the details you need to make the right selection for your family.

Yes, you can. When you register on RiSE+ for a free membership in Year 3-7, your child will be given access to one free English test and one free Mathematics test for their chosen year level. You will also receive access to one free General Abilities test. These tests can be attempted as often as you choose. There is no limit to test attempts and no time limit for your free registration. It is free forever, if you choose.

We do not share, sell or use your child's data for any purpose other than helping your child grow and learn by providing them with recommendations and feedback on their test attempts.

Please see our full refund policy in points 11 and 12 of the RiSE+ Terms of Use.

Help your child prepare for ICAS.

Give your child authentic ICAS-style practice and help them ace their tests with RiSE+.