Locked-down browser

IMPORTANT: Remember to uninstall all previous versions of the Janison Replay locked-down browser application before attempting to install thcurrent year’s version.

The following tests require a secure locked-down browser:

ICAS spelling bee and Reach spelling tests

ICAS Spelling Bee and Reach Spelling

ICAS and Reach writing tests

ICAS Writing and Reach Writing

About the locked-down browser application

See full technical requirements including the technical readiness test. The specified locked-down browser application is Janison Replay. This secure locked-down browser is designed to:

Instructions on how to download the locked-down browser

Locked down browser readiness test


Click here to install Janison Replay for Windows as an .msi file onto your device.


Click here to install Janison Replay for MacOS as an .pkg file onto your device.

Click here to install Janison Replay for MacOS as an .dmg file onto your device.

Chromebook OS

Important: In order to run the locked-down browser on managed Chromebooks, you will need to add Janison Replay to the Google account in the admin console. This is a one-off configuration, you do not need to undertake these steps on the student device.

Note: Your organisation needs to subscribe to a Chrome service, such as Chrome Enterprise, Chrome Education or Chrome Kiosk. This installation guide was last updated on 8 March 2023.

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