Congratulations to our 2022 ICAS medal winners!

We congratulate the 2022 ICAS medal winners on their outstanding achievements and recognise the educators, families and communities that have supported them this year. Being awarded an ICAS medal is a significant accomplishment for students during their academic years and Janison would like to mark this special moment by celebrating out 2022 winners in a medal celebration video. 

Students are encouraged, with the consent of their parents or guardians, to have fun by publishing photos and videos that demonstrate their success as an ICAS medal winner. 

See instructions below on how to participate in the ICAS medal celebration video. 


Celebrating 40 years of ICAS competitions

Who is awarded an ICAS medal?

Students with the top score in each year level and subject are awarded an ICAS winners’ medal and certificate. Students must have sat the relevant  ICAS assessment in the official sitting windows and the result must be judged as sufficiently meritorious to be eligible for a medal.*

How will students receive their medals?

We will be in contact with school principals to let them know who has won a medal. Each principal will receive a pack from us containing the list of their medal-winning students, and the medals and certificates to be given to students (perhaps at a special assembly!). Principals will also receive a pack to give to the families of the medal-winning students, which contains information about the medal celebration video and some cool gifts from us, such as ICAS stickers, a pencil case and a memory book. We anticipate principals will receive these packs some time in November.

Note for parents and students: Principals are busy people especially at this time of year, and we know you’re excited about medals – we are too! Please allow plenty of time for your principal to award the medals and medal packs before asking them about it.


Fun facts about ICAS

Schools/principals to include in their ICAS assembly speech and/or school newsletter.

Parent, guardian and student - ICAS medal celebration video consent form

Consent form for ICAS medal winning students and their parents/guardians.

Parent, school staff and past medal winner - ICAS medal celebration video consent form

Consent form for past medal winners, parents or school staff wishing to participate in the ICAS 2022 celebration video.

2021 ICAS medal celebration video

Students and schools, get creative with your Facebook page!

Students, parents and guardians, download our fun ICAS-themed profile and cover images for uploading to your Facebook page:

Schools, download our fun ICAS-themed profile and ‘cover images for uploading to your school’s Facebook page:

ICAS medal celebration photo gallery

*Terms and conditions apply. Registered home school students and some regions are not eligible for ICAS medals.