ICAS Assessments cover a variety of subjects across most school years

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As the world’s global language and arguably one of the most important subjects of the Australian curriculum, English is a crucial building block for academic success.

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As the foundation of STEM and a fundamental part of human thought and logic, Mathematics is a crucial building block for academic success.

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In a world full of wicked problems like pandemics, climate change and food security, science is more important and more exciting than ever before.

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Digital Technologies

In a digital world where technology underpins how we communicate, learn, work, and navigate our modern lives, understanding Digital Technologies is essential.

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As our primary means of communication in academic, social and professional life, writing is one of the most fundamental skills to practise and master.

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Spelling Bee

Spelling is more important than it seems — it lays a crucial foundation for literacy, communication and broader academic success.

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“I love how ICAS is a test for everyone. With how popular it is and how many grades it covers you can essentially take it as a standardised test without worrying about the drawbacks.”
Year 9, Mathematics, 2021
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