ICAS past papers

ICAS past papers

Prepare your child for ICAS with past papers, so they can ace their tests​

Our past papers contain actual ICAS questions and answers that will help your child to practise and give them first-hand experience of the competition.

Past papers are the most authentic and effective way for your child to practise ICAS, helping them to achieve higher scores.

Give your child first-hand experience of ICAS

Strengthen their problem-solving ability to prepare them for the unique problems posed in ICAS questions.

Familiarise them with the language, style and difficulty of ICAS questions, so they can be more comfortable on test day.

Give them the experience needed to ace the tests, achieve their best possible scores and maybe even become a medal winner.

What’s included in each ICAS past paper?

A complete test in PDF format containing questions and answers from past ICAS papers.

English Maths Science Digital Technologies
Australia Years 2 to 10 Years 2 to 10 Years 2 to 10 Years 3 to 10
New Zealand Years 3 to 11 Years 3 to 11 Years 3 to 11 Years 4 to 11
Hong Kong P3 - F4 P3 - F4 P4 - F4 N/A

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Frequently asked questions

We’re glad you asked! A lot of work goes into creating questions for ICAS past papers. Our assessments team use psychometric science to pinpoint the “just right” zone of difficulty, before spending a year+ to write, design and review each question. They then test them individually to ensure they reflect the latest ICAS assessments as closely as possible.

To learn more, check out our blog on why free ICAS past papers don’t exist.

When you purchase past papers, we email them to your designated email address. Please check your email inbox (including the spam/junk folder) to access them.

Yes, schools can purchase past papers using a debit or credit card. They don’t require a school code.

Past papers are electronic PDF documents that can be easily copied and cannot be returned, so unfortunately, we can’t provide refunds once they’ve been purchased. Please ensure that you have the correct papers in your cart before completing your purchase.

Prefer an online ICAS practice test?

RiSE+ is an online assessment practice platform that offers ICAS-style practice tests for students in Years 2 – 7. The questions are developed by the same assessment-writing experts that create ICAS and it uses the same test platform. This helps children become familiar with the ICAS online test format and question styles, which builds confidence and reduces test-day stress. RiSE+ also provides personalised Progress Reports that highlight your child’s strengths and weaknesses, so that you’ll know which skills to focus on ahead of the competition.

Buy ICAS past papers online now.

Give your child first-hand experience of ICAS, so they can be more prepared and confident on test day.