Prepare for ICAS with ICAS past papers

Prepare your child or students for ICAS with past papers

ICAS past papers are the most popular way to let your child or students prepare and experience first-hand what ICAS has to offer. Each paper contains a complete set of the engaging and thoughtful past ICAS questions the competition is renowned for, offering the most authentic way to practise ahead of test day.

Benefits of studying with authentic past papers

Get your child or students familiar with the language, style and difficulty of ICAS questions.
Pinpoint any knowledge gaps or skills to practise.
Check responses against the answer keys provided.

FAQ: Why is there a fee for ICAS past papers?

We’re really glad you asked! We understand why it’s a common question. The answer involves a fascinating look behind-the-scenes of creating an ICAS question – from using psychometric science to pinpoint the “just right” Goldilocks zone of difficulty, to a rigorous 12+ month writing, design and review process. Our specialist team then test our own tests to triple-guarantee that your past paper accurately reflects the latest ICAS test experience.

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