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Do you have a school code?

If you are registered as a school in our system, we have provided you with an access code that you can use to buy ICAS and Reach.

Please register your school to get a code to purchase ICAS and Reach.

Already registered but lost your code? Contact us and we’ll send it to you.


Online ordering is available to schools in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific region and international schools.

If you visit the shop and receive a message telling you to update your browser, please do so by following the prompts on your screen. If you have updated your browser but are still seeing the message, please try clearing your cache. We support all common browsers.


Do you have a Parent Payment System code from your child’s school?

If your child’s school is participating in ICAS and has set up a Parent Payment System (PPS), they will provide you with a code that you can use to pay for ICAS.

You have two options:

  1. Contact your school and ask if they are participating in ICAS. If so, they will provide you with their Parent Payment System code. If not, you can ask if they are willing to host the competition.
  2. Enrol your child to sit ICAS at one of our testing centres.

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Access the most realistic ICAS exam preparation with RiSE+ for Year 2 to 7 students.

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