ICAS competition school results

School results

Schools and teachers can access all their assessment data online. Drill down further into your assessment data to gain a more detailed understanding of performance.

Student results

Parents and students can access individual reports evaluating student performance.

Not available for all assessments.

ICAS competition student results
Making full use of data can help your school and your child develop
and improve overall performance.

When can I access ICAS results as a parent?

Now that your child has sat their ICAS test, we realise how keen you both are to see how they went – and that it can be a little confusing for parents to know when to expect results. 

Here is how the process works:

  1. Once your child sits their test, your school typically receives your child’s online results for that subject 4 to 6 days after the final sitting day for the subject.
  2. Your school then receives your child’s certificate/s approximately 14 days later. 
  3. Once your school has processed the results, it will then pass on your login details, giving you access to the online results and certificates.

For example, if ICAS Science ends on 26 August, your school will receive results around 1 September and certificates by 14 September. Your school will then pass on online results login details and certificates to you. Some schools may choose to pass on login details sooner, but this is entirely at the discretion of the school.

We know, it’s tough to wait it out for the exciting news! However, your safest bet is to assume your school will need the full 14 days from the final sitting day of an ICAS subject, before they share your child’s results. Once you receive your login details, click to the Results Portal below to see your child’s online results.