ICAS and Reach results portal​

School results​

Schools and teachers can access all their assessment data online. Drill down further into your assessment data to gain a more detailed understanding of performance.

Student results​

Parents and students can access individual reports evaluating student performance.

Not available for all assessments.

Making full use of data can help your school and your child develop and improve overall performance.

When can I access ICAS results as a parent?

You can access your child’s ICAS results online via our Results portal, using your TAP-ID and PIN, 15 business days* after the final sitting day of each ICAS subject.

How to get your TAP-ID and PIN if your child has sat ICAS in a previous year

  1. Find your TAP-ID and PIN on the back of a previous year’s ICAS certificate. Note, your child’s TAP-ID and PIN could have changed if they’ve moved schools.
  2. Alternatively, you can request it using this form. You will receive it 1-3 business days after you submit the form.

How to get your TAP-ID and PIN if this the first time your child has sat ICAS

  1. You can request it using this form 10 business days* after the final sitting day of your child’s ICAS subject. You will receive it 1 – 3 business days after you submit the form.
  1. Alternatively, you can find the TAP-ID and PIN on your child’s certificate which will be sent to their school approximately 4 weeks after the final sitting day for each subject (except Writing which is 7-9 weeks). Your school will provide this to you at their discretion.

Here’s an example – If the final sitting day for ICAS Science is 25 August, results will be available for parents and students to access on 15 September. You can access the results online via the Results portal using your TAP-ID and PIN. If you don’t have a TAP-ID and PIN, you will be able to request it on 8 September using this form and will receive it between 11 – 13 September. Your school will receive your child’s certificate, which includes your TAP-ID and PIN, by 22 September. They will then pass it on to you at their discretion.

*Important note: While we will be doing our best to achieve these timings, we hope you understand that there may be some unforeseen reporting delays that may impact the release of TAP-ID’s, PINS and results. In this instance we will keep schools and parents informed via email.