ICAS payment options

ICAS payment options

Flexible payment options to suit your school

We’ve created two payment options for ICAS, so that you can pay in the way that best suits your school.

Option 1: Parents pay

With the Parent Payment System (PPS), parents register and pay for their children’s ICAS enrolments. 

There are no data imports, and no money collections!

How it works

  1. Select the ICAS subjects you want to make available to parents
  2. Give parents a unique code for your school
  3. Parents log in using the code, enter their children’s details, select the ICAS year level and subjects they want, and pay us directly

How to use the ICAS Parent Payment System

Option 2: Pay with your school’s funds

Purchase ICAS tests directly using your school’s funds.

This method has more admin load because you’ll need to collect student data and payment from parents. You’ll also need to manually assign tests to each student.

How it works

  1. Select the ICAS subjects you want
  2. Pay by credit card of bank transfer with your school’s funds
  3. Collect money from parents (if parents are paying)

How to make a school purchase

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