ICAS Year 10 test

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Student insights that help with lesson planning

ICAS is an internationally-recognised academic competition that motivates students and encourages them to be their best. But the results data is also filled with rich insights into their strengths and weakensses, which you can use to inform your lesson planning for your Year 10 students.

The tests are written by experienced teachers, education measurement experts and psychometricians, who use the curriculum as a guide during their creation.

How Year 10 ICAS results can help with your teaching

See how your students compare against each other for key skill areas.

Determine the skill level of your students based on their grades.

Identify your students’ strengths and weaknesses, clearly marked in the reports.

Figure out which students need extra support in class.

Decide whether new classes are required for gifted students.

Clearly see which way your students’ performance is trending.

ICAS Year 10 test subjects

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ICAS English for Year 10 aims to test students on their syntax, vocabulary, text comprehension, and how well they write.

They are asked to read a variety of texts and then perform tasks like explaining irony, interpreting complex references, explaining the meaning of words in certain contexts, and more.


The Year 10 test for Mathematics covers the following important topics for the subject:

  • Number & arithmetic
  • Measures & units
  • Chance & data
  • Algebra & patterns
  • Space & Geometry

Students are expected to perform tasks like solving ratio problems, continuing patterns, finding probabilities, and various others related to the skill areas above.


Paper H for the ICAS Year 10 Science assessment includes tasks such as measuring geological structures, observing organ parts of living things, predicting the movement of gears, and other advanced skills.

Students are tested on the following skill areas:

  • Observing/measuring
  • Predicting/concluding
  • Interpreting
  • Investigating
  • Reasoning/problem solving


ICAS Writing for Year 10 students marks them on their textual grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, and whether they can accurately write for a certain genre.

Students are expected to write in two different ways: persuasively, and in narrative form. This might include reviews, formal arguments, or opinion pieces, as well as the story beginnings, setting descriptions, and story endings.

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ICAS helps you to analyse your students’ performance across key subjects, so that you can better understand their needs, improve your reports, and receive valuable data for interviews with parents.