ICAS Year 11 test

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Get rich insights on student performance

ICAS is a historic academic competition that challenges students and recognises their achievements.

But for teachers, it also provides a wealth of insightful assessment data, which when used together with other results, can help you better understand your Year 11 students’ performance. This includes their strengths and weaknesses for every core curriculum subject.

The ICAS Year 11 tests are created by experienced teachers, psychometricians and curriculum measurement experts.

What you’ll discover through your Year 11 ICAS results

How your students compare against the nation, their school and their classmates

Whether your students’ skill levels match their grades

Your students’ strengths and weaknesses

Which students may need extra work or extra support to stay happy and engaged

Whether you might need to create new gifted and talented classes

The direction that your students’ performance is trending and whether you need to intervene

ICAS Year 11 test subjects

ICAS test papers change depending on the year level and country. You can find the Year 11 assessment in the “Exam papers by year level” table here.


The Year 11 competition for ICAS English tests students on the following skills:

  • Text comprehension
  • Syntax
  • Vocabulary
  • Writer’s craft

Students may be asked to explain irony in a text, interpret complex referencing, explain the meaning of words in different contexts and more.


The Year 11 test for Mathematics covers five crucial areas for the subject, which include measures & units, chance & data, and number & arithmetic.

As part of the tests, student may be required to convert numbers to scientific notations, calculate the surface areas of various shapes, use two-step probabilities, and work on other challenging maths-related questions.


For the Year 11 assessment for ICAS Science, students must have skills in observing & measuring, interpreting, predicting & concluding, investigating, and reasoning & problem solving.

They may be asked to observe differences in solvents, classify stars, test the function of specific organs, compare different forces and more.


The Year 11 exam for Writing assessment tests student on two styles: persuasive writing and narrative writing.

For the former, they’ll need to write something like a newspaper opinion piece or a letter to council. For the latter, they’ll need to complete the start or end of a story, its complication, or a description of a particular setting or character.

All year levels for ICAS

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