ICAS Year 2 test

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Identify your students’ learning needs

ICAS is a gold-standard online competition that can help you understand your Year 2 students’ strengths and learning needs across core curriculum subjects.

It’s primarily run to recognise and reward academic achievements; however, the extensive results data helps to paint a vivid picture of each student’s learning progress, allowing you to hone your classes and meet their unique needs.

The assessments are designed by psychometricians, education measurement experts and experienced teachers who use the curriculum as a guide.

What you’ll learn about your students with the ICAS Year 2 test

Their strengths and weaknesses, clearly marked with “S” and “W”.

How they compare against their classmates, the school and the nation for key skill areas.

Whether their skill level is below their grade, on par or above it.

Which students need extra work or extra support.

Whether new support classes or gifted and talented classes are needed.

Which way your students’ performance is trending.

ICAS Year 2 test subjects

Exam papers can differ depending on the year level and country for ICAS. To find the right paper for your country, please see the “Exam papers by year level” table on this page.


The introductory paper (for students in the equivalent of Year 2 in Australia) for ICAS English covers the following foundational skills areas:

  • Text comprehension
  • Writer’s craft
  • Syntax
  • Vocabulary

Students must demonstrate competency for each skill areas by identifying, explaining and analysing specific areas of the provided text.


The ICAS Mathematics introductory paper covers foundational numeracy skills and includes questions on the following skill areas:

  • Number and arithmetic
  • Algebra and patterns
  • Measures and units
  • Space and geometry
  • Chance and data


The ICAS Science introductory paper covers the following skill areas for students:

  • Earth and beyond
  • Natural and processed materials
  • Life and living
  • Energy and change

To answer these questions, students must observe and measure, interpret, predict and conclude, investigate, and demonstrate reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Digital Technologies

The ICAS Digital Technologies introductory paper includes these skill areas and many more:

  • Digital systems
  • Peripheral devices
  • Basic operations
  • Multimedia
  • Basic web concepts
  • Email fundamentals
  • Social media

Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee introductory paper tests much more than just spelling itself. Other important skill areas are:

  • Dictation
  • Applying rules and conventions
  • Proofreading
  • Error correction

Students must demonstrate visual, phonological, morphemic and etymological skills to succeed at these assessments.

Prepare for the Year 2 ICAS exam with past papers

ICAS past papers are the most authentic way for your child to practice the Year 2 assessments for ICAS, with actual former questions and answers from the competition.

All year levels for ICAS

Ready to unlock your students’ potential?
ICAS helps you analyse your students’ knowledge, allowing you to create effective lesson plans, write more accurate reports and have access to real data for parent/teacher interviews.