ICAS Year 7 test

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Pinpoint your students’ strengths and weaknesses

Discover your students’ learning needs with ICAS – the internationally recognised competition that includes every core subject.

The Year 7 competition yields comprehensive results data that clearly illustrates each student’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you to tailor your classes to their needs. And you’re giving students the chance to shine in a competitive environment, providing tons of motivation and helping them to succeed.

The ICAS competition tests are created with the curriculum as their guiding light.

What does the Year 7 ICAS test tell you about your students?

Clearly defined strengths and weaknesses broken down by skill area.

Which students may need a little extra help from you or your teacher aide.

How each student compares against their fellow classmates and the wider school.

Their average skill level for their grade.

Which direction your students’ performance is going.

Data that tells you whether you need gifted and talented classes or support classes.

ICAS Year 7 test subjects

ICAS test papers change depending on the year level and country in which they’re taken. You can identify the correct papers for the Year 7 assessment on our exam papers by year level page.


The Year 7 competition for English is Paper E, and tests the following key skill areas for the subject:

  • Writer’s craft
  • Syntax
  • Text comprehension
  • Vocabulary

Students are required to read a number of narrative texts, which they must describe, explain, argue, persuade and review as part of the test.


The ICAS Year 7 assessment for Mathematics encourages students to use higher-order thinking skills and includes these topics:

  • Algebra patterns
  • Number & arithmetic
  • Measures & units
  • Chance & data
  • Space & geometry

They’ll be tested on prime numbers, integers, fractions, how to calculate areas and apply angle properties, and more.


The Year 7 exam for ICAS Science covers Earth & beyond, natural and processed materials, life & living, and energy & change. The skill areas assessed are:

  • Interpreting
  • Observing/measuring
  • Predicting/concluding
  • Investigating
  • Reasoning/problem solving

Digital Technologies

For Digital Technologies, the Year 7 competition is designed to tests students on the following skill areas:

  • General skills
  • Graphics & multimedia
  • Word processing
  • Internet & email
  • Programming
  • Spreadsheets & databases

Specific requirements include understanding storage devices, creating complex tables, applying filters to spreadsheets and more.


The Year 7 competition for ICAS Writing includes two main areas:

  • Narrative writing – essentially writing a story-based piece
  • Persuasive writing – writing a text that persuades the reader to take action

Entries are marked based on their grammar, punctuation, spelling, and whether they have successfully captured the requested genre.

Spelling Bee

The ICAS Year 7 test for Spelling Bee covers the top-end of words, which aim to test students’ visual knowledge, phonological knowledge, morphological knowledge, and etymological knowledge with trickier words like subtle, synchronise and continuous.

Want to prepare for Year 7 ICAS tests?

If you’re looking for a way to help your students practise ICAS, past papers are the most authentic way to do so. They include genuine questions and answers from past competitions.

All year levels for ICAS

Start getting insights into your Year 7 students’ performance.
The ICAS competition will help you to uncover your students’ performance, giving you the supplementary data you need to create successful lesson plans, write precise reports, and have clear insights for interviews with parents.